What if your patients follow your recommendations ?
(elastics, aligner, hygiene, etc.)

Only 50% of the information provided by the orthodontists is retained by the patients!

With Loum, your patients have their personalized treatment plans directly on their phone. It contains all the instructions they need between appointments.
(activate palatal expanders, change aligners, put elastics back on, etc).

The staff assigns the instructions so that the patients can follow the plan directly on their phone..
The patients are supported and helped throughout the entire treatment to ensure success.

Loum guides and encourages patients in difficult times and congratulates them on every victory!

The patient's diligence at home saves time during office visits.


Time savings for the staff

No need to repeat the instructions to the patients.

Improvement of the practice's image

Bring a new and innovative image to your practice with Loum!

Easy to use and set up

The assignment of the protocol is done very quickly in three clicks.

Gateway with your management software

Loum is connected with management software to avoid double entries.

Some testimonials from practitioners

Dr Dunglas & Dr Forestier

Paris - France

Dr Ellouze

Tunis - Tunisia

Dr Van Steenberghe

Lessines - Belgium

Dr Boissi

La Ciotat - France

Dr Dahan

Marseille - France

All your protocols are there!

All Orthodontic treatment protocols are pre-configured but modifiable.

All orthodontic protocols are available in Loum :
- Fixed auxiliaries (Brackets, Mini Screws, Motion Career, etc),
- Removable auxiliaries (Aligners, maxillary palate, etc),
- Functional rehabilitation (Positioner, ELN, Tong-e, etc.)

Patient treatment becomes fun!

Treatment plans in their pocket

The patient is notified of the instructions he has to do (elastic, etc.) and has all the details of the personalized instructions in the mobile application.

Personalized videos of the instructions

With each instruction, the patient can view a personalized video of what to do.

Evolution in play worlds

Depending on their progress, patients navigate through worlds to unlock rewards (games, comics, culture, etc.).

Direct communication with the office

The patient and the office can communicate directly by sending each other messages, photos or videos.

370% improvement

on Class II treatment when patients receive reminders on their mobile phones.

Source : The Angle Orthodontist, The influence of text messages on the cooperation of Class II patients regarding the use of intermaxillary elastics

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